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Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers


We are proud to be able to offer Mitutoyo's line of Laser Scan Micrometers.

Mitutoyo's Laser Scan Micrometers are high speed scanning 3200 scans/sec) and high accuracy, non-contact measuring systems. The Laser Scan Micrometers feature a very high scanning speed which enables inspection of small, high temperature or fragile workpieces even if they are in motion or vibrating.

Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer Applications...

Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers Diameter Measurement
Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers Internal Measurement
Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers Internal Measurement
Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers TIR Measurement

A laser beam emitted from the oscillator is directed at the polygon mirror which rotates at a high speed and is synchronized by clock pulses. The direction of the beam reflected by the mirror is changed via the collimator lens and aims straight at the workpiece. As the polygon mirror rotates, the horizontal laser beam travels across the receiver and, if it is not obstructed by a workpiece, reaches the receiver. The output voltage of the photoelectric element varies proportionally with the amount of light which reaches the photoelectric cell. The timed pulses generated during the beam obstruction by the workpiece represent the dimension of the workpiece.


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Mitutoyo LSM-9506 Bench top Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-9506 Details: Click Here
Bench-top Model
Range: .02" - 2.36"

Shop for LSM-9506: Click Here

Mitutoyo LSM-902 Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-902 Details: Click Here
Unit & Display Package

Range: .0002" - .08"

Shop for LSM-902 Package: Click Here

Mitutoyo LSM-500S Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-500S Details: Click Here
Range: .0002" - .08"

Shop for LSM-500S:
Click Here
Shop for LSM-500S & Display Package: Click Here

Mitutoyo LSM-501S Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-501S Details: Click Here
Range: .002" - .4"

Shop for LSM-501S:
Click Here
Shop for LSM-501S & Display Package : Click Here

Mitutoyo LSM-503S Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-503S Details: Click Here
Range: .012" - 1.18"

Shop for LSM-503S:
Click Here
Shop for LSM-503S & Display Package: Click Here

Mitutoyo LSM-506S Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-506S Details: Click Here
Range: .04" - 2.36"

Shop for LSM-506S:
Click Here
Shop for LSM-506S & Display Package : Click Here

Mitutoyo LSM-512S Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-512S Details: Click Here
Range: .04" - 4.72"

Shop for LSM-512S:
Click Here
Shop for LSM-512S & Display Package: Click Here

Mitutoyo LSM-516S Laser Scan Micrometer

LSM-516S Details: Click Here
Range: .04" - 6.30"

Shop for LSM-516S:
Click Here
Shop for LSM-516S & Display Package: Click Here


Mitutoyo LSM-6200 Laser Scan Micrometer Display Unit

LSM-6200 Details: Click Here

Display Unit

Shop for LSM-6200: Click Here

Mitutoyo Quicktool Laser Scan Micrometer Software


Display Unit Programming Software

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