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Outside micrometers are industry standard measuring tools because of their high accuracy/resolution and ease of use. OD micrometers are available in a variety of different spindle and anvil configurations to allow the operator to measure difficult to reach features on a workpiece.

Digital Micrometer


Digital Micrometers with SPC Output
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Digital Micrometers without SPC Output
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Standard Micrometers

Standard Micrometers

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Micrometer to PC Interface packages


Micrometers to PC Interface Packages
These are wired packages that allow you to send data from a Micrometer directly to a PC that will treat the incoming data like a keyboard entry, Packages include Micrometer & USB Cables as well as Micrometers, Single Gage Interfaces & SPC Cables.
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Wireless Interface Packages

Micrometers to PC Wireless Interface Packages
These are wireless packages that allow you to send data from a Micrometer directly to a PC that will treat the incoming data like a keyboard entry. Packages include Micrometers & Wireless Interface Hardware & Software.
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High Accuracy Micrometer
Mitutoyo's brand new, 0.1um Micrometer!
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Mitutoyo QuantuMike Micrometers Mitutoyo Quantumikes
Mitutoyo's newest generation of coolant proof micrometers, the Quantumike advances the spindle at 4 times the rate of a standard micrometer.
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Digital Blade Micrometer

Blade Micrometers
Blade micrometers are typically used to measuring groove diameters on shafts or other narrow recessed features. Available in steel or carbide blades of varying thickness.
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Digital Disc Micrometer Disc Micrometers
Disc micrometers are used to measure features along the length of a shaft or gear teeth requiring clearance from the micrometer frame and thimble. Available with rotating or non-rotating discs.
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Digital Point Micrometer

Point Micrometers
Pointed spindle and anvil for measuring the web thickness of drills, small groves and other hard to reach dimensions. Available in steel or carbide 15° or 30° points.
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Spherical Face Micrometer Spherical Face Micrometers
Spherical anvil and spherical anvil/spindle micrometers are used to measure the thickness of curved parts such as rod or crank bearings and pipe wall thickness.
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Digital Spline Micrometer

Spline Micrometers
Spline micrometers have reduced diameter spindle and anvil to allow it to measure spline minor diameters, slots and keyways.
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Digital Screw Thread Micrometer Screw Thread Micrometers
Screw thread micrometers have interchangeable anvils that allow it to measure the pitch diameter of a thread.
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Tube Micrometers

Tubing Micrometers

Used to measure the wall thickness on tubing, pipe and other hard to reach places. Spherical or cylindrical anvils are available.
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Deep Throat Micrometers Deep Throat Micrometers

Used to measure the thickness of sheet metal, paper and plastics. Typical throat depths are 6" and 12".
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Indicating Micrometers

Indicating Micrometers
Indicating micrometers are used as a Go/NoGo gage. The spindle is locked after setting and a button retracts the anvil for easy part insertion. Indicating hands on the dial allow the operator to easily check for Go/NoGo.
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Uni-Mike Micrometers Uni-Mike Micrometers
Measures tube thickness, shoulder distances, rivet head height, etc. with interchangeable anvils (flat anvil, rod anvil, V-anvil). Supplied with flat and rod anvils.
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Quick Travel Micrometers

Quick Travel Micrometers
Quick travel micrometers allow the spindle to retract or advance at over ten times the rate of a standard micrometer. This allows the micrometer to be used in application where the spindle must be retracted to clear a feature before being advanced for the measurement.
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Mitutoyo MDC-Lite Micrometer Mitutoyo MDC-Lite
This micrometer is a slim, lightweight micrometer that is designed for ease-of-use operation.
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V-Anvil Micrometers

V-Anvil Micrometers
Measures the outside diameter of cutting tools (such as taps, reamers, end mills) with an odd number of flutes.
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Micrometer Heads Micrometer Heads
We offer a large selection of micrometerheads to help you get the right gage for your application. our selection includes digital micrometer heads as well as standard micrometer heads in inch or metric readings.
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Micrometer Sets

Micrometer Sets

We offer both standard and digital micrometers sets from manufacturers like Mitutoyo, Starrett, Fowler, and SPI.
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Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers

Micrometers with Interchangeable Anvils provide for increased measuring ranges for each micrometer.

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Economy Micrometers Economy Micrometers

Shop for Standard Economy Micrometers
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Shop for Digital Economy Micrometers
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Micrometer Accessories

Micrometer Accessories

We offer a variety of micrometer accessories like micrometer stands and micrometer anvils.

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