Mitutoyo Quick Scope Manual Vision System

The Mitutoyo Quick Scope Manual Vision System can be used by anyone to easily perform manual work piece observation or automatic measurement of single or multiple items. The image measurement software, QSPAK, offers intuitive operability and advanced functionality that can solve your measurement challenges. Used with the optional FORMPAK-QV application software, the Quick Scope series can also perform form analysis.

Mitutoyo quick scope

Mitutoyo QS-L2010ZB

  • Manual 3-axis Measurements
  • 8" x 10" x 4" - X-Y-Z Measuring Range
  • High Resolution Color Camera
  • 0.0001" Accuracy
  • 20x - 137x Zoom Lens, 8-steps
  • Field of View: 8.8 x 6.6mm - 1.2 x 0.9mm

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Complete package includes the following...

  • Quick Scope Main Unit
  • Dell PC w/21.5" Flat panel Monitor
  • Vision Measuring Software
  • Factory A2LA Installation & Calibration
  • On-Site Training for 2 People
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Complete Support, No Contract, No Additional Cost


Mitutoyo quick scope pdf large Mitutoyo Quick Scope Brochure: Click Here

Illumination functions provide excellent support for measurement and observation

In addition to contour and surface illumination, Quick Scopes are equipped with a fiber-optic ring light to aid in reproducing color images more clearly.

This illumination enables measurement and observation of images under optimal conditions.

Mitutoyo Quick Scope CNC Vision System Illumination



During auto-measurement the measurement procedure program executes automatic control over the illumination system, providing compatibility between user-friendliness and high-efficiency.

Mitutoyo's QSPAK is a Powerful Vision Measuring Software System that supports a wide variety of measurement.

In order to support various measuring methods from measurement of a wide variety of single parts to CNC measurement of mass production parts, QSPAK has achieved both high-reliability vision detecting capability and user-friendly operability.

Mitutoyo MiCAT Vision System SoftwareMitutoyo MiCAT Vision System Software


One Click Tools

A single click in the vicinity of a workpiece edge allows automatic processing from tool setting to edge detection / calculation. Additionally, this function does not need stage movement for any workpiece measurement within a screen, drastically reducing measurement time.

Mitutoyo quick scope one click large

User Pattern Matching

The user can freely create a template (master) in accordance with a workpiece, different from the basic templates and extension templates to perform tolerancing with a master. Also, the user can easily perform tolerancing by displaying key-entered upper limit and lower limit lines on the screen.

Mitutoyo quick scope pattern large