Ono Sokki

Gaging & Software Technologies proudly offers Ono Sokki's line of linear probes, digital indicators, indicator stands, and tachometers.

Measuring the performance, and ultimately the success, of high-tech products and processes demands equally high-tech measurement capabilities.

Ono Sokki, a world leader in measurement and testing instrumentation, has been meeting and exceeding that demand for fifty years.

Ono Sokki EG-225 Digital Indicator
Ono Sokki Tachometer

Ono Sokki Linear ProbesOno Sokki Digital Display

Their experience and expertise are "put to the test" every day in such diverse industries as automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace and defense, optical and medical equipment, electronics, manufacturing, packaging, and the steel, paper and chemicals industries.

Ono Sokki measures its own success, not only by how accurately their products measure technical performance, but also by how they meet the real-world demands of day-to-day use.

That is why Ono Sokki commits more than 30 percent of their resources solely to research and development. They know that their own success demands keeping in sync with the technological advances of the industries they serve.

It is also why their scientist and engineers work hand-in-hand with experienced industry experts in their newly expanded Technical Center. Staying in touch with real-world customer needs ensures that Ono Sokki products deliver the most accurate, consistent and useful data possible  the kind that customers require to make informed decisions about their own product research and development.

To stay ahead in the marketplace, companies that rely on leading-edge product technology must have leading-edge measurement and testing technology too.

Go ahead, put Ono Sokki to the test.