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178-029 Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210/310 Series Column Stand

178-029 Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210/310 Series Column Stand

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Product Description

Mitutoyo Surftest Manual Column Stand with Granite Base

This stand is designed for use with Mitutoyo's SJ-210/310 series of surface roughness testers.

This column stand includes 9.8" / 250mm of vertical travel, allowing you to position your surface roughness tester at just the right location to take surface roughness measurements.

Features include...

  • 10" x 16" x 2.3" Granite Base
  • 9.8" Vertical Adjustment Range
  • Maximum traversing range in column Z-axis is 200mm.
  • Built-in aluminum T-groove in granite base aligned with the center-line of drive unit when mounted.
  • Column shaft is plating finish for smooth travel.
  • Lead thread pitch 3 for efficient traverse up and down and high load capacity.

Dimensions and Mass:

Item Specification
Up & Down Travel 250mm
Granite Plate Flatness 8um
Granit Plate Size (WxDxH) 400 x 250 x 60 mm
Dimension (WxDxH) 400 x 250 x 556 mm
Weight 20kg

Granite Stand ONLY.

Surface Roughness Tester NOT included.