30-221-6 PAV Digital Depth Gage 16"

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Ingenious design to make the most complex depth measurements simple, convenient and efficient.

Features include...

  • High contrast digital LCD readout arranged in horizontal position for easy reading in any light.
  • Proven non-capacitive measuring system.
  • Direct inch/metric conversion.
  • PRESET Switch (up to two arbitrary origins can be set).
  • ZERO/ABS Switch (switches between incremental and absolute modes).
  • Data output for interface to printer or computer.
  • Operates on one 1.5 volt Silver oxide type 357 battery, included.
  • One year battery life with low drain circuit.
  • Double prismatic frame (double V guide) with 4 lapped contact faces for velvet smooth and precise movement without play.
  • Quick-locks on the base for fast and positive mounting of extension measuring bridges.
  • Includes 4 interchangeable measuring probes to solve virtually all problems inherent with groove and slot - depth - cross hole - and special application measurements.
  • Extension bridges to increase range of base.
  • Furnished in fitted case.

Specifications include...

  • 16" / 400mm Measuring Depth Range
  • 6.3" Base
  • 0.0005" / 0.01mm Resolution
  • 0.002" Overall Accuracy
  • Includes 23.60" Extension Bridge

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