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GageMux 2-Port to USB (GagePort Style) Gage Interface Box US Made

GageMux 2-Port to USB (GagePort Style)

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2-Port GageMux® USB Gage Interface with GagePort GP-2102NT Emulation.

For customers using VisualSPC or Proficy ShopFloor SPC Software.

This 2-Port GageMux USB with GagePort Emulation has revolutionized data collection and storage. In the past, with CimWorks or GE software, you had no option but to use a GagePort NT as your multiple gage interface box. But now--if you use GE CimWorks Visual SPC, or Proficy ShopFloor, and need to connect to updated USB COM ports on today's computers, this GageMux USB multiplexer emulates the GagePort GP-2102NT. This GageMux is easily configured to use the RS232 9-pin output--like the GP2102NT. The GagePort GP-2102NT defaults to Mitutoyo Digimatic output, so Mitutoyo gages with Mitutoyo cables work perfectly with this version of the GageMux. When Visual SPC or Proficy ShopFloor opens on your computer, it reads the GageMux as if it is a GagePort GP-2102NT.

Best of all if you decide to switch to a different SPC software package in the future, this GageMux USB is also compatible with those packages as well.  Simply load the standard firmware into the GageMux USB---Call us today with your questions! As GagePorts keep going up in price, these GageMux USB with GP Emulation offers more functionality at a very competitive price!

The versatile GageMux USB multiplexer makes quality control a breeze and is compatible with both old and new systems. Setup is simple and user friendly – your computer automatically installs the USB driver when the GageMux is plugged into your computer USB port---just plug and play! If you choose to use the GageMux as a RS232 9-pin output device, simply change the internal switch settings, connect a serial cable (not included), and the GageMux will send data to your computer RS232 COM port.  No need for additional drivers or external cable converters.