Insize Portable Hardness Tester ISH-PHA

Insize Portable Hardness Tester ISH-PHA

  • $ 2,605.00

INSIZE Portable Hardness Tester Model # ISH-PHA

Leib, Rockwell B, Rockwell C, Vickers, Brinell, Shore
Resolution: 1HL, 0.1HRB, 0.1HRC, 1HV, 1HB, 1HS, 1MPa
Accuracy: + 6HL (HL=800)

Workpiece specifications:

  • min. weight: 11lbs/5kg
  • min. thickness: 0.2"/5mm
  • min. thickness of layers: 0.03"/0.8mm
  • min. radius of curved surface: 0.43"/11mm

Working temperature: 32ºF-122ºF (0ºC-50ºC)
Battery operated (rechargeable), with battery power indicator
Large LCD display with back light includes: scale, hardness value, average value, test times, date, impact direction, material
Output: Bluetooth
Low and high limit settings
Dimensions: 5.9055" x 3.1496" x 0.9449"
Supplied in fitted storage case

Includes the following...

  • Main Unit
  • Impact device "D"
  • Cleaning brush for impact device
  • Supporting ring for impact device
  • Test Block