PRO-C-36 ProCable to Mitutoyo Output

PRO-C-36 ProCable to Mitutoyo Output

  • $ 135.00

Connect ANY brand of RS232 device to Mitutoyo Digimatic Output!

If you have a precision measuring device with a 9-pin serial output, these programmable cables convert your device's RS232 signal to a Mitutoyo Digimatic style output, which then allows you to use these cables with any Mitutoyo compatible gage interface box like a GageMux or GagePort.

On top of its low cost, these cables have several unique features which set them apart from the competition. It has built in programmable memory – you can store communication parameters for digital as well as RS232 gage inputs along with critical gage control information such as gage ID, serial number, and the next calibration date.

Cable is 36" in Length.