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Proficy ShopFloor SPC Data Collection Software

GE Fanuc

Proficy ShopFloor SPC Data Collection Software

$ 1,895.00

Proficy ShopFloor SPC utilizes keyboard, barcode or direct gage entry of data and provides operators clear and immediate process feedback. Color-coded readings make critical information pop-out: red indicates out-of-spec, yellow is a warning, and green is good. Operators use an input grid exactly like they do when collecting data manually. If a mistake is made, they can go back to the reading and make a change. Attribute data collection is included with the Proficy ShopFloor SPC module. This enables you to track multiple categories of defects (visual, functional, etc.) mixing variable and attribute data in the same part file. This software module gives you the ability to display data in Pareto charts, P, C, NP, and U-charts.


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