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What are Digital Micrometers?

Measuring tools are essential in every home. Without the ability to measure, it will be difficult to have a sturdy and equipped house for protection. Farmers, engineers, scientist, construction workers, architects, and many more, need different types of measuring tools.

We at offer tools from leading manufacturers to help you find the right measuring equipment. We are dedicated to making it easy for you to buy your next measuring tools such as digital micrometers, different types of gages, scales and many more.

Breaking down a Digital Micrometer

Micrometers act like a type of screw gauge where the screw is calibrated to measure a component accurately. A digital micrometer is a versatile tool that can measure diameters, thickness, grooves, depths, and distance. It is a precise tool and helps eliminate errors from misreading that can occur with other types of a micrometer.

The most recent digital micrometers are innovative tools and can take measurements with 99% accuracy. Some can measure from 0.001mm and 0.0005", taking both imperial and metric units of measurement.

The digital micrometer has the ability to convert measurement readings from one system to another with a press of a button. It also has a zero button to easily zero out any unit at any given point, this button is great for measuring incremental and comparative measurements.

This type of micrometer generates its measurement reading electronically and shows the result through its LCD display. The LCD shows measurements what you can usually see on a micrometer but with instant reading and accurate results. It eliminates human errors and wrong interpretation of scales.

The most recent type of digital micrometer has the option to be connected to a computer to transfer data outputs. Its measurements can be stored on digital files like spreadsheets, saving time from manual recording of the data.

Micrometers are mostly used on a shop floor to measure diameters, length, thickness, and many more. They are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can have one for large dimensions like length, thread micrometers, with dials, special design, depth micrometers, and other types of tools.

Where to find quality micrometers

There are different types of digital micrometers you can find at We offer Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers that can be connected to a computer via a USB interface and wireless connection to your PC. Both converts incoming data to a keyboard style entry making it easy to send data to ANY Windows-based software, including SPC software packages.

We also offer the world’s first 0.1um Micrometer from Mitutoyo. It is ideal for those who need highly accurate measurements and a hand-held tool.

Some of our digital micrometers feature patented ratchet thimble mechanism for repeatability, the QuantuMike with a lock feature, IP-65 level of protection, SPC output, and our Micrometers are supplied in a fitted wooden or plastic case.

There are numerous types of digital micrometers you can choose, equipped with high-end functions, portable, budget-friendly and the most innovative and extremely accurate devices.

We dedicate ourselves to extend our expertise beyond the products we have.

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