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Quality control is a crucial aspect of manufacturing and production, ensuring that products meet certain standards and specifications. Our Shop Equipment section includes common products that you will find in just about every machine shop or inspection lab, including the following...

  • Granite Surface Plates are flat, smooth surfaces made of high-quality granite that are used for accurate measurement and inspection. They are commonly used in precision machining and quality control to check the flatness and accuracy of parts and tools.
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  • Granite Indicator Stands offer the benefits of the Granite Surface Plate, along with a Vertical Post and Holding Clamp that allows to perform a variety of measurement functions with a Dial or Digital Indicator.

  • V-Blocks are precision tools used to hold and position cylindrical parts for measurement and inspection. They have a V-shaped groove that provides a stable and accurate reference point for parts, making them ideal for inspecting parts with cylindrical shapes.

These are just a few of the common items that you will find in almost every machine shop or quality control department.


some of our most popular shop equipment products...

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