Caliper to PC Interface Packages

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A caliper is a device used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. Because of the versatility and ease of use of these gages, they have become a favorite among manufacturing companies to measure external distances, internal distances, as well as depths.

Electronic Calipers also known as Digital Calipers, have easy to read digital displays that have made these gages even more popular. Knowing that our customers want to capture the data from these Calipers and most often want to input the data into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, we have bundled Caliper to PC Interface Packages and made them available on so our customers can go to 1 location and easily pick out a package that best fits their requirements.

What type of Caliper to PC Interface Package do you need?

There are a few basic things you will need to think about before choosing a Caliper to PC Interface Package...

  • What length of measurements do you need to make?
    • The most popular Digital Caliper length is the 0-6" model, but they also are available in 8", 12", 24", 40" & 60" models.
  • How do you want to trigger a Data Send?
    • Most of the Digital Calipers that we offer in our Caliper to PC Interface Packages have a data send button on the gage or on the cable connector that plugs into the gage.
    • We also have packages that include a Footswitch that can be used to trigger the Data Send.
  • Do you want to send data wirelessly to a PC?
  • Do you want to use an iPad Mini as a Portable Data Collector where you can send data from your Digital Caliper to an Excel Spreadsheet on the iPad Mini?
    • We now offer a Digital Caliper to iPad Mini Portable Data Collector Package that includes everything you need, including a Mitutoyo 0-6" Digital Caliper, to measure your products, send the data to the iPad Mini, and then either store the data on the iPad Mini, or use the Wi-Fi connection on the iPad Mini to transfer the data to a PC on your network.
    • For more details, click here.
    • Caliper to iPad Mini Package

Still not sure what package is best for you?

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