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A Height Master is a precision measuring instrument designed to determine the height or vertical distance between two opposite sides of an object. With adjustable tips, the Height Master fits across the points to be measured. 

The Dial Height Master provides precise readings down to the final fraction of a millimeter or inch through a simple dial. Its mechanism utilizes a small, accurate rack and pinion that drives a pointer on a circular dial, allowing direct reading without the need for a vernier scale. The dial pointer typically rotates once every inch, tenth of an inch, or 1 millimeter.

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The Digital Height Master, a popular replacement for the dial version, employs a linear encoder instead of a rack and pinion. This innovative design offers ease of use and accuracy. Moreover, the Digital Height Master often comes with additional features, including the ability to send readings to a computer for data analysis and storage.

At GreatGages.com, we provide a wide selection of both Dial and Digital Height Masters, offering you the precision measurement solutions you need. Choose the Height Master that suits your requirements and achieve accurate and reliable measurements every time.

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