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Bore Gages, also known as Bore Micrometers or Internal Micrometers, are measuring instruments used to measure the inside diameter of holes, bores, and other cylindrical cavities. Bore Gages are typically used in precision machining and manufacturing environments to ensure that holes are drilled to the correct diameter and that the final product meets the required specifications.

Bore Gages come in various types, including two-point Bore Gages, three-point Bore Gages, and dial Bore Gages. Two-point Bore Gages use two anvils or measuring pins to measure the diameter of the hole. Three-point bore gauges use three equidistant anvils or measuring pins to provide a more accurate measurement of the diameter. Dial Bore Gages use a dial indicator to provide a digital readout of the measurement.

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Bore Gages
 can be used to measure the diameter of various materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. 

They can also be used to measure the diameter of holes with different shapes, such as oval or rectangular.

Bore Gages are typically calibrated using a Setting Ring that is traceable to a national standard. This ensures that the Bore Gage is accurate and provides reliable measurements.

Overall, Bore Gages are an essential tool in precision manufacturing, ensuring that products meet the required specifications and are of the highest quality.


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