Laser Scan Micrometer Packages

Mitutoyo's line of Laser Scan Micrometers are high speed scanning (3200 scans/sec) and high accuracy, non-contact measuring systems. The LSM features a very high scanning speed which enables inspection of small, high temperature or fragile workpieces even if they are in motion or vibrating.

With a wide variety of models, LSM measurement can be utilized in diverse applications. The LSM-500S can measure ultra-fine wires as thin as .0002" (0.005mm) in diameter to a resolution of .000001" (0.00001mm), and the LSM-516S can measure cylindrical workpieces with a diameter as large as 6.3" (160mm).

We have put together packages that include Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers and a Digital Display, making it easy to purchase everything you need to be able to measure your products with a Laser Scan Micrometer right after delivery. No worries about compatibility issues or forgetting something.


We also have Laser Scan Calibration Gages available here.