SPC (Statistical Process Control) Gage Interface Cables are specialized cables designed to connect measurement devices, such as gauges and sensors, to a computer or other data collection system for the purpose of statistical process control.

SPC Gage Interface Cables allow for the transfer of data between the measurement device and the computer or data collection system in real-time, enabling the user to monitor and analyze the process being measured. The cables are typically equipped with connectors that match the specific type of measurement device being used, as well as the connector to work with your chosen Gage Interface Device, i.e. Digimatic Gage Interface Box, USB, RS232, or Ethernet.

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These SPC Gage Interface Cables are commonly used in manufacturing environments to monitor and control the production process. By collecting data from the measurement devices, manufacturers can analyze the process and make adjustments to improve product quality and reduce defects. SPC Gage Interface Cables are essential for implementing effective statistical process control systems and ensuring accurate and reliable data collection.

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