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A height gage is a measuring device used for determining the height of objects. These measuring tools are used in metalworking or metrology to either set or measure vertical distances.

Height gages may also be used to measure the height of an object by using the underside of the scriber as the datum. The datum may be permanently fixed or the height gage may have provision to adjust the scale, this is done by sliding the scale vertically along the body of the height gage by turning a fine feed screw at the top of the gage; then with the scriber set to the same level as the base, the scale can be matched to it. This adjustment allows different scribers or probes to be used, as well as adjusting for any errors in a damaged or resharpened probe.

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In the toolroom, the distinction between a height gage and a surface gage is that a height gage has a measuring head (whether vernier, fine rack and pinion with dial, or linear encoder with digital display), whereas a surface gage has only a scriber point. Both are typically used on a surface plate and have a heavy base with an accurately flat, smooth underside.


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