A Chamfer Gage is a precision measuring tool used to measure the size and angle of a chamfered edge. Chamfers are typically used to remove sharp edges or to make it easier to insert components into a hole or slot. Chamfer gages are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace.

Chamfer Gages consist of two or more arms that are hinged together at a pivot point. The arms are designed to fit snugly against the chamfered edge being measured. The gage arms are adjusted until they fit perfectly against the chamfered edge, and the angle and size of the chamfer are then read off a calibrated scale on the gage.

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Chamfer Gages are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of chamfers. Some gages have a simple two-arm design, while others have more complex configurations with multiple arms or adjustable jaws to accommodate different chamfer sizes.

Chamfer Gages are highly accurate and precise, typically capable of measuring chamfers to within 0.01mm or better. They are often used in quality control and inspection applications to ensure that parts and components meet precise specifications.

Overall, Chamfer Gages are essential tools for accurately measuring and verifying the size and angle of chamfers in a wide range of applications.

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