Mitutoyo Litematic

 Mitutoyo Litematic

The Litematic is designed for measuring easily-deformed workpieces and high precision parts such as pin gages, thin-wall bearings, plastic parts, and springs. Extra-low measuring force of 0.01N (1gf). Hands free operation with optional foot switch. Ceramic anvil models are free from corrosion and easy to maintain. The Litematic Head unit can be mounted onto fixtures or an optional stand to allow great flexibility of use.

  • Ultra-high resolution of .0000005" (0.01µm) combined with the wide measuring range of 0-2" (0-50mm) provides outstanding versatility.
  • Corrosion-proof ceramic measuring table for low maintenance.
  • The spindle is made from a low thermal expansion material to minimize the effect of temperature variation on accuracy during use.

LiteMatic Applications

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