Economy Digital Micrometers are precision measuring tools used to measure small distances with high accuracy. These micrometers are equipped with a digital display that provides quick and accurate readings of the measured value.

The Economy Digital Micrometers come in various models with different ranges and accuracy levels. Some models have a measuring range of 0-25mm while others have a range of 0-150mm. The accuracy of these micrometers is typically within ±0.01mm or ±0.0005 inches, depending on the model.

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Some of these micrometers have carbide-tipped measuring faces that are designed to resist wear and provide a long service life. Some also feature a ratchet stop mechanism that ensures consistent measuring force for repeatable and accurate measurements.

Economy Digital Micrometers are commonly used in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and machining for precise measurement of small parts and components. They are particularly useful for measuring the thickness of sheet metal, the diameter of shafts, and the depth of holes.

Overall, Economy Digital Micrometers are high-quality and reliable measuring tools that provide accurate measurement of small distances. They are easy to use and provide quick and precise readings, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious customers who need reliable measuring tools.

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