Portable Data Printer - Logger

Mitutoyo's DP-1VA

  • This is a palm-sized printer used to print measurement data from the digimatic gage or to perform statistical analysis.
  • This printer offers excellent functionality. You can use it not only to print measurement data, perform a variety of statistical analyses, and draw a histogram or D chart but also to perform complicated operations for X-R control chart.
  • Equipped with RS-232C output and GO/NG judgment output as standard functions, this processor ensures high reliability as an advanced quality inspection machine.
  • The line thermal printer enables fast and quiet printing.

Able to print the following...

  • Measurement data, GO/±NG judgment, No. of data, Max/min value, Range, Average, Standard deviation, No. of defective, Fraction defective, Process capability index, Histogram, D-chart, Control chart generation for Xd-bar and control limit data, date and time

Also able to send Measurement Data out via RS-232

Data Logging with the DP-1 VA