Mitutoyo's PV-5110 Optical Comparator is a floor model profile projector that uses a downward illumination system. The large, rotatable screen has an effective screen diameter of 20" (508mm), and when the 5X projection lens is used, the large screen allows projection of complete workpieces with a diameter of up to 3.94" (100mm).

In addition, the low screen position enables simple, ergonomic operation and reduces fatigue even when working for long periods. The angled screen also allows for projected images to easily by traced or compared with a template.

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We offer several different packages that all include the main unit, a 10X lens, and your choice of Digital Readouts.

  • The Mitutoyo KA Counter is a basic Digital Readout that allows you to perform simple, point-to-point type measurements.
  • The Mitutoyo QM-Data is a much more advanced Digital Readout that allows you to perform simple measurements like angles and diameters, but also more advanced measurements like circle-to-circles distances.

All of our Mitutoyo PV-5110 Optical Comparator Packages include FREE FREIGHT to any Continental USA location.

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