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Caliper Accessories are tools and components that are used to support the use and maintenance of calipers, which are precision instruments used to measure the distance between two points. 

Here are descriptions of some common caliper accessories:

Groovemaster Sets: Groovemaster sets are specialized attachments for calipers that allow for the precise measurement of grooves and slots. These sets typically include a range of measuring tips that can be attached to the caliper, allowing for accurate measurements of grooves with varying widths and depths.

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Replacement Plastic Cases: Replacement plastic cases are protective cases that are designed to hold and store calipers when they are not in use. These cases are typically made of durable plastic that is resistant to impact and moisture, helping to protect the caliper from damage and corrosion.

Caliper Calibration Kits: Caliper calibration kits are sets of tools and components that are used to calibrate and adjust calipers to ensure that they are measuring accurately. These kits typically include calibration standards, adjustment tools, and instructions for use. Calibrating calipers regularly is important to maintain their accuracy and ensure reliable measurements.

Overall, these Caliper Accessories can help caliper users to maintain and optimize their equipment, which can lead to more accurate measurements and improved results.

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