Micrometers to PC Wireless Interface Packages

All of the Digital Micrometer to PC Wireless Interface Packages that we have listed below have the ability to send data from the gage to a PC via wireless data communications. The data that is sent is recognized by Windows as an HID, or a Human Interface Device, like a keyboard. This means that the data being sent from the Digital Micrometer to your PC will be treated by Windows as a keyboard-type entry, so wherever your mouse cursor is in ANY Windows-based software is where the incoming data will be placed. There is NO extra software to purchase, any required communications software are included in these packages.

The packages we have listed below make it extremely easy to collect data with a Digital Micrometer and to place that data into any Windows-based software of your choice. Whether it is MS Excel, Access, Word, or even an SPC Software, these Digital Micrometer to PC Wireless Packages are all you need to be up and running right away.