CMM Stylus and Extensions

CMM Stylus & Extensions

A stylus (plural: styli) is the “tip” attached to a probe on a coordinate measuring machine, whether a traditional CMM machine or a portable measuring arm which makes physical contact with the component to be measured. A signal generated by triggering of the probe either by displacement or user input, enables a measurement to be taken.

The performance of your CMM measurement equipment and inspection results can easily be compromised if you use a stylus with poor ball roundness, poor ball location, bad thread fit or a poor design that allows excessive bending during measurement. Most of these factors are difficult if not impossible to see with the naked eye. We offer only the highest quality stylus products on this site from reputable brands and manufacturers with the highest standards of design and quality control.

Regular replacement of styli used on your CMM is also essential. While these products are very rugged, they do have a useful life, and should be replaced after long use periods, or after being dropped, crashed or mis-handled. When in doubt, always replace.

Our Stylus and Extension Features to choose from include...

  • M2 & M3 Threads
  • Ruby Tipped
  • Carbide, Stainless Steel, or Ceramic Bodies

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Some of our most popular CMM Styli & Extensions...