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Prolink presents a comprehensive software suite tailored to streamline data collection and enhance quality analysis processes within your organization. At the heart of this suite is QC-CALC Real-Time, a powerful module designed to effortlessly gather and display measurement results from various equipment, including CMMs, Video CMMs, and handheld gages, all without the need for operator intervention. With the ability to generate reports and export data to spreadsheets, databases, and other SPC programs, QC-CALC Real-Time offers a unified solution for transferring data from diverse measurement devices to any SPC package, simplifying your data collection regardless of your equipment or software preferences.

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For a seamless data collection experience, Prolink offers QC-CALC GageStation, a combination license of QC-Gage and QC-CALC Real-Time, enabling efficient data collection from handheld gages. QC-Gage empowers inspectors to input measurement data via keyboard or direct gage connections, presenting data graphically and in tabular form while seamlessly interfacing with QC-CALC Real-Time. This integration allows you to pinpoint and isolate non-conforming parts, enhancing your quality control efforts.

To further enhance your quality analysis and reporting capabilities, the suite includes QC-CALC Office Buddy, which integrates with popular tools like Minitab, JMP, and MS Excel to simplify report generation based on data collected from CMMs, Vision Systems, and Gage Stations. Additionally, QC-CALC SPC Reporting Software offers an array of charts and functions for in-depth analysis, providing real-time insights to maintain control over your production processes. If advanced reporting in an SQL database is your goal, QC-CALC's Enterprise Data Loader and Enterprise Report Scheduler are available to streamline the process, offering a holistic view of quality conditions across your organization. Elevate your data collection and analysis capabilities with Prolink's suite of software solutions, designed to empower your organization's quality control efforts at every step.

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