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Fowler / Sylvac and Fowler / Bowers have begun adding built-in Bluetooth connectivity to several of their more popular gages, including the following...

  • Fowler / Sylvac Digital Calipers
  • Fowler / Sylvac Digital Indicators
  • Fowler / Bowers Bore Gages

By adding Bluetooth communications to these devices, it allows you to send measurement data wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled handheld device. Whether it is a cellphone, tablet, laptop or even a desktop PC, if it has Bluetooth communications, then these gages can send data to that device.

Fowler Bluetooth Gage Interface at

Even if your PC does not have Bluetooth capabilities, you can add a Fowler USB Bluetooth Receiver to be able to accept incoming data from these Bluetooth Enabled Gages.

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