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A Snap Gage is similar to a Micrometer GO / NO GO Gage. The Snap Gage is a C-shaped frame with an Indicator attached. It has a fixed anvil on the bottom, and a top anvil that moves up and down with a lifting lever is attached to the Indicator. This allows the operator to very quickly verify the outside dimension of a part.

The Indicator can display the deviation from a preset dimension, or some digital indicators can have a preset value entered, so the value on the indicator can be the actual dimension measured.

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Another version of a Snap Gage is also known as an Indicating Micrometer. With a similar C-shaped body, the Indicating Micrometer has one stationary anvil and 1 anvil that retracts with the push of a button, allowing for the entry or removal of your part. Upon release of the button, the retracted anvil then closes back to provide a quick measurement of your part.

The Snap Gages available here on are light weight and easy to use, but are also shop-rugged and ready for use out on the factory floor.

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