A Feeler Gage is a precision measuring tool used to measure the gap or clearance between two surfaces. Feeler Gages are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries to set clearances between moving parts, such as valves, bearings, and gears.

Feeler Gages typically consist of a set of thin, flat blades made of steel or other metals. The blades are of different thicknesses, ranging from a few thousandths of an inch to several millimeters, and are stacked together to form a gage set. The blades are usually held together by a screw or other fastener, and each blade is marked with its thickness for easy identification.

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To use a Feeler Gage, the user selects the appropriate blade from the set and inserts it between the two surfaces being measured. The blade is then moved back and forth to determine the maximum gap or clearance between the surfaces. The user can then refer to the markings on the blade to determine the actual size of the gap or clearance.

Feeler Gages are highly accurate and precise, typically capable of measuring gaps or clearances to within 0.01mm or better. They are often used in quality control and inspection applications to ensure that parts and components meet precise specifications for gap or clearance.

Overall, Feeler Gages are essential tools for accurately measuring and verifying the gap or clearance between two surfaces in a wide range of applications. They are simple to use, highly accurate, and versatile, making them an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to measure gaps or clearances in precision manufacturing or mechanical applications.

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