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CMM styli are specialized probes used in coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to measure the dimensions of objects with high accuracy. The M3 thread is a common thread size used in CMM styli.

CMM styli with M3 threads typically have a cylindrical shape and are made from materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramic, or ruby. The M3 thread refers to the size of the threaded section at the base of the stylus that is used to attach the stylus to the probe head of the CMM.

The M3 thread size is a small thread size, which makes these styli suitable for measuring small and intricate features on parts. 

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The M3 thread size is also commonly used in the manufacturing industry, making it easy to find replacement styli or adapters. Overall, CMM styli with M3 threads are an important tool for achieving precise and accurate measurements in industrial metrology and quality control applications.

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