SPC Software

What makes us different from most other gaging distributors is our expertise in SPC software and Data Collection products. Assisting companies in the development and implementation of SPC software and data collection systems is a specialty of ours. We’ve done it for dozens of companies, both large and small.

Whether you are looking to just collect data from a single gage into a spreadsheet program like MS Excel; a single, stand-alone station to perform SPC data collection, or a networked system with multiple data collection stations and reporting stations, we can offer the correct solution to your application.

For SPC Data Collection, we offer the two following SPC software solutions...

Mitutoyo MeasurLink SPC Software

Mitutoyo MeasurLink Software

MeasurLink combines Real-Time on-line data collection showing SPC charts and Analysis for operators, with Real-Time Quality Control / Supervisor Reports and Alerts, including e-mail alerts, for your entire manufacturing system.

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Prolink SPC Software

QC-CALC Data Collection Software

Prolink's QC-CALC is a suite of software products that specializes in automatic data collection from inspection equipment like CMMs & Vision Systems, as well as manual data collection directly from hand tools like micrometers & calipers. With a variety of software modules available, QC-CALC has the right software for both small and large companies.

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