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A Standard MMP Digital Length Gage is a precision measuring tool designed to accurately measure the length of various objects with a high degree of accuracy. This type of length gage consists of a long, slender guide rail with a digital readout display that provides precise length measurements in either metric or imperial units.

The guide rail of the Standard MMP Digital Length Gage is made from high-quality aluminum, which ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. It is also designed with a Precision Ground Tool Steel Anvils for improved wear resistance and accuracy. The Digital Readout Display is mounted on a carriage that easily rides along the Guide Rail the full length of the gage, and has a range of features such as zeroing, inch/metric conversion, and data output capabilities.

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The Standard MMP Digital Length Gage is designed for ease of use and versatility, and can be used in a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, engineering, woodworking, and metalworking, among others. It is particularly useful for measuring the length of objects where traditional methods, such as using a ruler or caliper, are not feasible due to the size or shape of the object.

Some common features of the Standard MMP Digital Length Gage include the following...
  • A large LCD Display for easy reading
  • 0.001" / 0.01mm / or 1/64" Selectable Resolutions
  • 0.001" / 0.01mm Repeat Accuracy
  • Standard 3.375" x 2.25" Anvils
  • 32°F - 122°F Operating Temperatures
  • Custom Lengths are available

Overall, the Standard MMP Digital Length Gage is a highly accurate and versatile measuring tool that is ideal for a wide range of applications where precise length measurements are required.

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