A Steel Stationary Stand for a Granite Surface Plate is designed to provide a sturdy and stable support platform for the Granite Surface Plate. Granite Surface Plates are precision measuring tools used in various industries for accurate measurement and inspection of parts. The steel stand enhances the functionality of the surface plate by elevating it to a convenient working height and ensuring a stable base that minimizes vibrations and deflections during measurement processes.

The Federal Specification GGG-P-463c recommends three fixed points to support the surface plate and minimize sag and warp.

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The Granite Surface Plates that we offer are marked on the bottom of the plate to coincide with the supports on the top of the stand. When aligned with each other they uphold the accuracy of the plate.

The Features of the Steel Stationary Stands for Granite Surface Plates include…

  • The stand is primarily constructed from high-quality steel to ensure durability, stability, and resistance to environmental factors.
  • Each stand is built to support the weight of the Granite Surface Plate, PLUS 50 pounds per square foot load.
  • The height of the stand is designed for the working surface of the Granite Surface Plate to be 36” from the floor, providing an ergonomic working condition for the user while allowing easy access to the surface plate for measurements.

In summary, a Steel Stationary Stand for a Granite Surface Plate is an essential accessory that complements the precision measuring capabilities of the surface plate by offering stability, durability, and ergonomic convenience for accurate measurements and inspections.

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