Mitutoyo PJ-H30 Optical Comparators

Mitutoyo's line of High-Accuracy, Vertical Optical Comparators, the PJ-H30 series realizes the ultimate in bright, sharp projected images. The high-rigidity main unit is equipped with a linear scale for realizing high-accuracy measurements.

Mitutoyo PJ-H30

Mitutoyo 's lineup of 8 models, derived from combinations of 4 stage types (100mm x 100mm / 4" x 4" to 300mm x 170mm / 12" x 6.8") and manual focusing/motor-driven focusing models. These profile projectors adopt a quick-release handle that allows you to switch feed between fine and coarse remotely.

The PJ-H30 also includes a turret structure, for easy lens changing.

As always, Mitutoyo Optical Comparators include FREE FREIGHT to any Continental USA location.