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Alignment Indicators, also known as Coaxial indicators, are precision measuring tools that are used to measure the concentricity or alignment of two cylindrical surfaces or objects. They consist of a dial indicator mounted in a coaxial holder that is designed to fit over the outside diameter of a cylindrical surface, such as a shaft or hole.
When using a coaxial indicator, the instrument is positioned so that the indicator tip contacts the surface being measured. The coaxial holder allows the dial indicator to rotate around the cylindrical surface, while still maintaining the same alignment as the surface being measured. This ensures that the measurements taken are accurate and reliable.

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Coaxial indicators are available in different sizes and measuring ranges, depending on the specific application. Some models are designed with additional features, such as adjustable arms or interchangeable tips, to increase their versatility and functionality. Overall, coaxial indicators are a valuable tool for anyone who needs to make precise measurements of cylindrical surfaces or objects.

Coaxial indicators are often used in manufacturing and machining industries, where precision measurements are critical to ensure the quality of the final product. They are particularly useful for measuring the concentricity of two cylindrical objects, such as a shaft and a bearing or a piston and cylinder, as well as for checking the alignment of drilled holes and bores.

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