When it comes to ensuring the precision and reliability of your machine head fasteners, accurate GO / NOGO Hex Plug Gages are a crucial aspect. Meticulously crafted to adhere to the stringent standards set by ASME B18.3 specifications, these precision tools are designed to provide you with confidence in the quality of hex head fasteners, ensuring seamless fitment and optimal performance.

Features include…

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  • Engineered Precision: Our GO/NOGO Hex Plug Gages are manufactured with precision engineering, meeting the strict guidelines outlined in ASME B18.3 specifications. This guarantees that the dimensions of your hex heads are accurately assessed, contributing to the overall excellence of your machine head fasteners.
  • Hexagonal Design: The hexagonal shape of these gages perfectly mirrors the contours of your threaded holes, enabling effortless insertion and rotation for precise measurements. This design choice ensures accurate readings and a smooth user experience.
  • GO Gage Confidence: The GO gage in our set is your assurance of accurate measurements. When it seamlessly fits into your hex head fastener, you can be confident that your machine head fasteners will find a snug and secure home, optimizing their performance.
  • NOGO Gage Assurance: The NOGO gage is your safeguard against deviations from specified dimensions. If it doesn't fit, you'll know that the hex head hole exceeds the permissible tolerance range, prompting you to take corrective measures before assembly.
  • Clear Markings: Our gages are clearly marked with essential information, such as thread size and GO / NO GO options. These markings help you quickly identify the right gage for your machine head fasteners, streamlining your quality control processes.
  • Durability and Reliability: Crafted from premium materials and subjected to meticulous manufacturing processes, our GO/NOGO Hex Plug Gages are built to withstand the demands of industrial usage.
  • Enhancing Quality Control: By incorporating our GO/NOGO Hex Plug Gages into your quality control procedures, you're making a proactive step toward ensuring the integrity of your machine head fasteners. Regular calibration and maintenance will guarantee accurate measurements over time.

Whether you're in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, or any other industry that relies on precision, our GO/NOGO Hex Plug Gages are an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Elevate the quality of your machine head fasteners, reduce the risk of assembly issues, and enhance the overall performance of your products. Trust in accuracy, trust in excellence – choose our GO/NOGO Hex Plug Gages today.

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