V-blocks are precision metal tools used in machining and manufacturing operations to hold and support cylindrical or round parts. They are typically made of hardened steel, and their name comes from their V-shaped grooves, which are used to securely hold the workpiece in place.

V-blocks are commonly used in conjunction with other tools, such as a dial indicator or height gauge, to accurately measure and align the workpiece. They are also used in grinding, drilling, and milling operations to securely hold cylindrical parts while they are machined.

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V-blocks come in different sizes and designs, depending on the type of workpiece being held and the specific machining operation being performed. Some V-blocks are designed with magnets to hold the workpiece in place, while others may have adjustable V-grooves or additional clamps to hold the part more securely.

Overall, V-blocks are an essential tool in precision machining and manufacturing, helping to ensure that parts are held securely and accurately aligned during the machining process.

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