Rigid Borescopes Kits

Rigid Borescopes

Our rigid borescope kits provide bright, clear images with straight on or 90 degree views.

These rigid borescopes are designed for inspection of pipes, tubes, valves, meters, bores, and cross-holes... i.e. small, hard to reach areas.

The Rigid Borescope Kits are available in a variety of lengths and diameters to help better fit your application. Each kit includes the following...

  • Precision Borescope
  • 90° Adapter
  • Mini-Maglight Light Source
  • Carrying Case

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Flexible Video Borescope Kits

Video Borescopes

Need to visually inspect the inside of your part and don't want to scrap the piece? Our flexible borescopes and rigid borescopes can help!

Our Flexible borescope uses fiber optics that provide a very clear viewing image. Included in the Flexible Fiber Optic Borescope kit are the following features...

  • 39.4" (1 meter), .310" diameter flexible cable
  • 4" bend radius
  • 0 degree and 90° directions of view
  • Shaft coating resits water, hydrocarbons, and most chemicals
  • Mini-Maglite Light Source
  • Carrying Case

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Some of our most popular borescopes...

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