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In our Misc Shop Equipment collection we have a variety of items that are common to every machine shop and facility where various types of machines are used to manufacture parts or components for a variety of industries. 

Some common equipment that you might find in a machine shop include: 

  • 1-2-3 Blocks: These are precision metal blocks that are 1 inch thick, 2 inches wide, and 3 inches long. They are used to provide a precise reference surface for measurement, layout, and machining operations.
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  • Feeler Gages: These are thin metal strips of varying thicknesses that are used to measure small gaps or clearances between machine parts. They are typically used in precision assembly or alignment work.
  • Protractors: These are measuring tools that are used to measure angles. They are commonly used in machine shops to measure the angle of a machined surface or to set up a machine tool for a specific angle.
  • Telescoping Gages: These are precision measuring tools used to measure the inside diameter of a hole or bore. They consist of a handle and two movable arms that can be adjusted to fit inside the bore, and a dial or micrometer for accurate measurement.
  • V-Blocks: These are precision metal blocks that are used to hold and support cylindrical workpieces during machining operations. They are designed to hold the workpiece at a specific angle, and are commonly used in milling, drilling, and grinding operations.


some of our most popular miscellaneous shop equipment...

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