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Thickness Gages, also known as thickness meters or thickness testers, are precision measuring tools used to measure the thickness of materials with high accuracy.

Thickness Gages can be classified into two main categories: contact and non-contact. Contact thickness gages typically use a measuring head or probe that is placed in contact with the material being measured, while non-contact thickness gages use sensors such as ultrasonic or laser to measure the distance between the sensor and the material surface.

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Thickness Gages can be used to measure the thickness of a wide range of materials, including metal sheets, plastics, rubber, textiles, and paper. They are commonly used in manufacturing, quality control, and research and development applications, where accurate thickness measurements are critical.

Thickness Gages can be used to measure the thickness of a single layer of material or multiple layers, such as coatings or laminates. Some thickness gages also have the ability to measure the thickness of non-destructive coatings on metal substrates, making them a valuable tool in the inspection of protective coatings on structures such as pipelines and storage tanks.


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