The Mitutoyo MF Microscope is a reliable device for precise geometric measurements in a variety of ranges. The MF Microscope has achieved best-in-class accuracy performance. Since the accuracy of the whole system is ensured by conformity to the inspection method of JIS B 7153, any model enables high-accuracy measurement. Any measuring microscope that achieves this accuracy performance (close to JIS Class 0) will be a great asset to the customer's quality control improvement program.

The MF Microscope also has a wide variety of accessories available, including Eyepieces and Objectives. A 10X Eyepiece is Standard with the MF Microscope, while 15X and 20X Eyepieces are also available. A 3X Objective is provided Standard, but the measurement possibilities are almost endless with the MF Microscope and the variety of optional Objectives, including a 1X, 5X, 20X, 50X and 100X.

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The MF Microscope is also available with a variety of stage sizes and measuring ranges. These manual stages provide intuitive positioning and can be easily moved rapidly between measuring positions on a workpiece by using the quick release function on each axis. Just free a Quick Release Wheel and move the stage by pushing and pulling. Lock the wheel to continue measurement with fine feed. Very effective for traversing between widely separated positions.

Mitutoyo has now combined the MF Microscope with its M2 Geometric Measuring Software on a Touch-Screen Display that provides convenient and accurate visual feedback to ensure effective quality control and inspection. Whether you're a professional or amateur user, the MF Microscope can help you make accurate measurements with ease.


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