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Wireless Gage Interface

The 2 Wireless Gage Interface Systems that we carry are the following...

  • Mitutoyo's U-Wave Wireless System... Shop now
  • MicroRidge's MobileCollect Wireless System... Shop now

Both systems are very similar in that they are 3-part systems...

The USB Base Receiver

This is connected to your PC via a USB cable. The incoming data that is received by the base is transferred to whatever Windows based software that you are using. The data will be treated just like a keyboard entry, so these systems will work with ANY Windows-based software. Wherever your cursor is located is where the incoming data will be placed.

The Transmitter

Out at the gage will be a small transmitter that will be connected to the gage via a short, 4" (approximate) interface cable. When you press Data Send on the gage or Transmitter, the data gets sent to the USB Receiver up to 100+ feet away.

The Gage Interface Cable

Typically about 4" long, these cables connect your gage to a transmitter. Because different gages have different spc connectors, it is important to get the correct Gage Interface Cable for your specific gage. If you have any questions about your specific gage, you can call us at 951-780-4233 or email us and we will be happy to make sure you get the correct cable.

Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Gage Interface

Mitutoyo's U-Wave Wireless Gage Interface System

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MicroRidge MobileCollect Wireless Gage Interface

MicroRidge's MobileCollect Wireless Gage Interface System

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We also offer wireless interface packages like the following...