Introducing the Gage Block Maintenance Kit, a meticulously curated collection of tools essential for upholding the precision and longevity of your critical measurement instruments. Crafted with unwavering attention to detail, this kit ensures that your gage blocks remain in pristine condition, delivering accurate results for years to come.

At the heart of the kit is the Ceraston, a precision tool designed to delicately eliminate burrs from measuring surfaces. Paired with the Optical Flat, which detects even the most imperceptible imperfections, you can guarantee the flawless integrity of your gage blocks. The included Tweezers enable the safe handling of thin gage blocks, while the Blower Brush effortlessly clears away any lingering dust particles that might compromise accuracy.

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Comprehensive care is at the core of this kit. The Cleaning Paper, when paired with the provided wiping solution stored in the Reagent Bottle, ensures the removal of rust preventative oil and any other contaminants, leaving your gage blocks immaculate. The Artificial Leather Mat serves as a protective surface during maintenance, preventing any unintended damage. And to complete the experience, a pair of Gloves is included, allowing you to handle the tools and blocks with utmost care.

Invest in the precision of your measurements with the Gage Block Maintenance Kit – where advanced tools and thoughtful design converge to safeguard your instruments' accuracy, making certain that your work is always a cut above the rest.


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