The Mitutoyo ABS ID-H Series Digital Indicator offers excellent accuracy and robust functionality to make precise, repeatable linear measurements of up to 30.4mm/1.2”. The ID-H indicator has five user-selectable resolutions, and zero can be set at any spindle position for measuring in either plus or minus directions or both directions. The indicator displays maximum and minimum read hold and changes color from green to red when user-defined tolerances are exceeded. There is also a total indicator reading (TIR) function that displays the absolute difference between the highest and lowest readings. Remote control functionality is available with an optional handheld controller (21EZA099).

Mitutoyo IDH Digital Indicators at

  • Available in Metric and Inch/Metric models
  • Available with SPC output capabilities
  • Use remotely via a handheld controller or RS-232C interface
  • The high-speed detector measures 100 times per second
  • Signal can be outputted to an external device
  • Analog bar provides easy-to-read values when scanning for Max, Min and TIR values
  • Go/No-Go judgements are performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances
  • ABSOLUTE (ABS) linear scale eliminates the need for setting the origin point every time the micrometer is powered on
  • Origin reset is not required even when data is re-displayed after disappearance due to insufficient illumination during use
  • SPC output function allows for quick and easy data management in real time
  • Functions include: Remote control, origin set/preset, zero-set, Go/No-Go judgement, max/min value hold, analog bar, runout measurement, resolution switching, counting direction switching, power On/Off, data output and inch/mm conversion (on inch/metric models only)
  • Alarm: Low voltage, counting value composition error, over-flow error and tolerance limit setting error
  • Unlimited response speed eliminates over-speed errors
  • Measurements are shown on a large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Sealed housing meets IP30 rating for dust and water protection
  • Supplied in a fitted plastic case


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