Mechanical Uni-Mike Micrometers are precision measuring tools used to measure the thickness of objects with high accuracy. They are commonly used in the manufacturing, engineering, and scientific industries to ensure precise measurements of components and materials.

A Mechanical Uni-Mike Micrometer consists of a frame, a spindle, a thimble, and a measuring contact with a flat or curved face. The spindle is movable and is used to measure the thickness of the object being measured. The measuring contact is used to make contact with the surface of the object being measured.

Standard UNI Micrometers at

To measure the thickness of an object, the micrometer is placed over the object, and the spindle is adjusted until it makes contact with the surface. The measurement is taken by reading the measurement result on the micrometer's thimble, which has markings indicating the thickness being measured in micrometers or thousandths of an inch.

One of the key features of Mechanical Uni-Mike Micrometers is their ability to measure a wide range of thicknesses with high accuracy, often up to a precision of 0.001 mm. They also come with interchangeable measuring contacts, allowing for greater versatility in measuring different types of objects and materials.

Overall, Mechanical Uni-Mike Micrometers are highly precise and accurate measuring tools that are essential in many industries. They provide accurate measurements of the thickness of components and materials, making them a valuable tool for quality control and precision machining. The interchangeable measuring contacts available also make them a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.


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