Mechanical Spline Micrometers are precision measuring tools used to measure the outside diameter of splined shafts or other spline-shaped components with high accuracy. They are commonly used in the manufacturing, engineering, and automotive industries to ensure precise measurements of spline-shaped components.

A Mechanical Spline Micrometer consists of a frame, an anvil, a spindle, a thimble, and a measuring contact with teeth that match the shape of the spline. The anvil and spindle are used to measure the outside diameter of the spline, while the measuring contact with teeth makes contact with the spline teeth to ensure accurate measurements.

Standard Spline Micrometers at

To measure the outside diameter of a spline, the micrometer is placed over the component, and the anvil and spindle are adjusted until they make contact with the spline. The measurement is taken by reading the measurement result on the micrometer's thimble, which has markings indicating the diameter being measured in micrometers or thousandths of an inch.

Mechanical Spline Micrometers are available in various types and sizes, including standard spline micrometers for measuring external splines and spline pitch micrometers for measuring internal splines. They can be used to measure various types of spline profiles, such as involute splines, serrated splines, and straight-sided splines, making them a versatile tool for quality control and precision machining.

Overall, Mechanical Spline Micrometers are highly precise and accurate measuring tools that are essential in many industries. They provide accurate measurements of the outside diameter of spline-shaped components, making them a valuable tool for quality control and precision machining. The ability to measure different types of spline profiles also makes them a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.


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