Mechanical Micrometer Heads are a type of micrometer head that uses a calibrated screw and measuring spindle to take precise measurements of small dimensions. They are commonly used in manufacturing, engineering, and scientific research applications where high accuracy and precision are required.

Mechanical Micrometer Heads typically consist of a spindle that moves in relation to a stationary anvil, with a calibrated screw used to make small adjustments to the position of the spindle for precise measurement. They may also be equipped with a ratchet mechanism that provides consistent force during measurement, helping to minimize errors and ensure accurate readings.

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Unlike digital micrometer heads, Mechanical Micrometer Heads do not have a digital display for direct reading of measurements. Instead, they typically have a graduated scale that allows the user to read the measurement value based on the position of the spindle in relation to the anvil. This requires the user to manually interpret the measurement readings, which can be less efficient than digital readings.

Mechanical Micrometer Heads are typically made from high-quality materials such as hardened steel, which ensures their durability and accuracy over time. They can be used to measure both internal and external dimensions and are available in a range of sizes and measurement ranges to suit various applications.

Overall, Mechanical Micrometer Heads are a reliable and accurate choice for anyone who needs to take precise measurements of small dimensions. While they may not have the advanced features of digital micrometer heads, they are a practical and cost-effective choice for many applications.


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