precision distance measuring

Long Jaw Digital Calipers are precision measuring instruments used to accurately measure the dimensions of an object. They are commonly used in the manufacturing industry, engineering, and metalworking, among others. These calipers have an extended jaw length that allows for the measurement of longer objects than standard calipers.

Long Jaw Digital Calipers are typically made of stainless steel and have a digital display that provides quick and accurate readings. The digital display allows for easy and precise measurement readings, making it ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The jaws of the Long Jaw Digital Calipers are designed to be slim and durable, allowing for easy access into tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. They are also equipped with a locking screw to keep the jaws in place during measurements.

These calipers can measure both inside and outside dimensions, as well as depth, with accuracy of up to 0.01mm or 0.0005 inches. They are commonly available in lengths of 6, 8, 12, and 24 inches, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Overall, Long Jaw Digital Calipers are a reliable and accurate measuring tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including woodworking, metalworking, machining, and other precision industries.


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