Precision Tool Kits

Precision Tool Kits

The Precision Tool Kits that we offer come from a variety of manufacturers, like...

  • Mitutoyo
  • Fowler
  • SPI

These tool kits are made up with different types of precision measuring equipment that are usually used at the same level of measuring. A 0-6" Digital Caliper combined with a 0-1" Digital Micrometer is extremely popular. A 0-6" Dial Caliper would be matched up with a 0-1" Mechanical Micrometer to offer a more economical precision tool kit.

Both Mitutoyo and INSIZE offer Precision Tool Kits that include several different gages and accessories that are commonly used by both machinists and quality control engineers.

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Mitutoyo Precision Tool KitsFowler Precision Tool KitsINSIZE Precision Tool KitsSPI Precision Tool Kits


Some of our most popular Precision Tool Kits...