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Our Precision Tool Kits are meticulously curated collections of precision measuring equipment, each carefully selected to complement and enhance your measuring capabilities. These tool kits combine different types of precision instruments that are typically utilized at the same level of measuring, providing you with everything you need for accurate and reliable measurements.

Digital Caliper and Digital Micrometer Kit: A Popular Choice

One of our most sought-after combinations is the 0-6" Digital Caliper paired with a 0-1" Digital Micrometer. This winning combination offers unparalleled precision and ease of use, making it a favorite among professionals.

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Dial Caliper and Mechanical Micrometer Kit: 
Precision on a Budget

For those seeking an economical yet reliable option, we recommend the 0-6" Dial Caliper matched with a 0-1" Mechanical Micrometer. This precision tool kit delivers accurate measurements without compromising on quality, making it an excellent choice for various applications.

Mitutoyo, Fowler, Insize, and SPI: Renowned Brands, Uncompromising Quality

Our Precision Tool Kits feature offerings from renowned brands like Mitutoyo, Fowler, Insize, and SPI. These industry leaders are known for their commitment to quality and precision, ensuring that every tool in our kits meets the highest standards.

At Great Gages, we are committed to providing you with top-of-the-line precision measurement solutions. Our Precision Tool Kits offer convenience, accuracy, and value, empowering you to achieve exceptional results with every measurement task.


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